Is your store Web 2.0 ready?

Web 2.0 is ubiquitous and overwhelming. The applications all over the web are availing its features to become distinctive, usable and appealing.
A website is not just a bunch of connected hyperlinks and images anymore, it must instead be presented to visitors so as to make their experience an easy and satisfying them thus making them come back frequently.

Where is the problem with my store?

Most of the sites are taking advantage of Web 2.0 features to make user experience fabulous. One such feature is AJAX - Partial Rendering. While a user traverses along the pages on a website, even only a small portion of information on page needs to be fetched from website and displayed to user, the whole page needs to be retrieved again and displayed to user on browser. This makes user experience irritating by making user to wait for whole page to load again.

One such peculiar place in your store is product catalog. While traversing products in a category, the user needs to click on page links to view bunch of products one at a time.

  • Even only few products need to be fetched, the whole page needs to be fetched and loaded again.
  • Some of the customers even ignore the page links.
  • Almost all of the customer find it irritating when want to find again and compare the products they saw on different pages.

How does Intelli-Scroll help?

Most of the super-sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google images, etc. have almost replaced their old paging engine for results listing by a "Show More" functionality where the extra results are loaded and appended to same page on user invocation without reloading the whole page.
See it here, Shopify
Intelli-Scroll does the magic in the most obvious way by loading more products as user scrolls down the page. This is most obvious because as soon as user scrolls down the page to view more products, the Intell-Scroll component fetches the next bunch of products listing automagically and presents it to the user.

This is Great! But it seems a major change in my store requiring large modification.

Yes and No.
Yes, It definitely changes the user experience to be a great one. This is the most obvious way product catalog should work.
No, You don't need to worry about modifications. Consider these,

  • No changes to your current ASPDNSF code, so in future you can easily upgrade to a newer version.
  • No Source Code required
  • No Database changes required.